WES-CO Industries is full-service industrial general engineering firm. 

We provide solutions for commercial and industrial challenges to local and global companies.  Our diversified scope of services includes comprehensive risk assessment & environmental studies, design-build services, installation and full-scale project management.

Scope of Services

Design Services

  • Conceptual, preliminary, detailed, and as-built drawings
  • Design and preparation for construction for the entire plant or specific area systems (process lines, SCADA, plant information system, etc.)
  • Conceptual and detailed cost estimating and procurement
  • Preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation, and support for negotiations
  • Procurement procedures, material handling, and documentation control
  • Preparation of plant start-up (procedures, organization, and commissioning testing)
  • Engineering supervision during construction

Studies & Assessements

  • Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Feasibility studies and efficiency improvement analyses
  • Management auditing
  • Risk analyses and evaluation of design/implementation options
  • Plant safety and security studies and analyses


  • End-to-end system installations such as industrial air ventilation, structural steel platforms, material handling systems, conveyance and explosion prevention systems.
  • Comprehensive engineering and technical expertise throughout design and build process


  • Regularly schedule maintenance of air filtration systems
  • Emergency repair of ducting, dust collectors, air filters, fans


  • Detailed project implementation studies and preparation of Project Procedure Manuals
  • Preparation of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Establishing efficient, reliable, and accurate project scheduling systems
  • Complete progress and project monitoring & reporting
  • Project expediting
  • Internal and external project reporting systems
  • Project financial engineering (project cash flow) systems
  • Preparation and support for project PR (Public Relations) function
  • Project administration and staffing
  • Project Document, Drawing, and Data (PDDD) system