Quick-Fit Ducting



NORDFAB Quick-Fit ducting is the leader in clamp-together ducting.  As a dealer for NORDFAB products, WES-CO designs, sells and installs Quick-Fit ducting systems for dust collection, exhaust and product conveyance.

Quick-Fit Ducting Features

  • Clamp-together components can be taken apart and reused
  • Easily connects to existing ductwork
  • Components and adapters fit every system
  • Adjustable fittings simplify connections
  • Smooth interior surface helps prevent clogs
NORDFAB quick-fit-duct-installation

Easy to Install

Clamping together in seconds, NORDFAB Quick-Fit ducting installs in half the time as conventional ducting, saving you time and money. The clamp-together system eliminates the need to attach duct components with screws or welding. 

Fits Most Applications

Quick-Fit ducting can be adapted to fit your existing duct system. Components and adaptors are available to fit nearly every dust, exhaust and conveyance system. Quick-Fit ducting is compatible with KB Duct and Easy Duct Systems.


Quick-Fit ducting can be easily relocated and reused as you move machinery or make changes to work areas. It's ability to be easily uninstalled, reconfigured and relocated to other locations allows for efficient and cost effective changes to your workflow and systems.

Easy To Clean

Quick-Fit ducting is easy to remove, clean, and re-install without tools.

Leak-Tight, Solid Welded Seams

Smooth, fully welded seams prevent leaks, snags, and possible clog points.

Available in Many Materials and Gauges

Quick-Fit ducting is available in galvanized or stainless steel as well as black metal, aluminum, and 316SS. Extra durable heavy walled duct is available for abrasives and specialized applications.

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