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WES-CO Industries performs design and build projects as a General Contractor throughout the western US and the world. We proudly stand behind our legacy and experience.

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Project: Alumina fines collection, milling lubricant mist & isopropyl abatement.

Scope: WES-CO engineered, designed, selected and sized all equipment, as well as installed on a turn-key basis, alumina fines abatement systems for deburr/finish rooms for Celestica at their plants in Fremont. These wet-scrubber systems are first of their kind, and fully compliant with NFPA and FM Global.

Industry: Semi-conductor Services

Value: $1.5 Million

Location: Silicon Valley, California

Project: Control system

Scope: WES-CO provided engineering, detail design, programming and procurement for a computer based and isolated control system for electrolytic cell operation to modernize an aluminum reduction plant in Pingguo, China. WES-CO engineered the complete cell control equipment for 240 electrolytic cells as well as the overall communication and System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) assembly. The system and equipment provided enabled the Chinese Manufacturer to increase production by 60,000 tons of metal annually.

Industry: Aluminum Smelting

Value: $16 Million

Location: Pingguo (平果县), China

Project: Paper scrap aspiration system

Scope: WES-CO designed and built a scrap collection system for this greenfield cardboard box facility. Negative-pressure conveyance system removes paper waste from production area, to be baled for recycling. Fabricated and installed cyclone, and material-handling fans for the 26,000 CFM system. WES-CO contracted directly for the operator of the manufacturing plant.

Industry: Paper & Cardboard

Value: $300,000

Location: Oxnard, California


Project: Glass separation process

Scope: WES-CO engineered - in collaboration with eCullet - an innovative aspiration (vacuum) system to remove waste from glass recycling stream. Our design enabled eCullet to ship pre-sorted Green, Brown, and Clear glass. WES-CO designed complete aspiration & dust-collection systems for San Leandro and Portland facilities, and installed these systems at the San Leandro facility.

Industy: Glass Recycling

Value: $1 million+

Location: California and Oregon

Project: Weak acid treatment

Scope: WES-CO engineered, designed, fabricated, selected and sized all equipment, and procured a full package for weak acid treatment plant as an equipment supplier to Davy International for facilities it was installing in Peru. This plant neutralized weak acids generated by copper concentration plant in Ilo, Peru. Neutralized effluent prevented pollution of the nearby ocean.

This entailed a fully automatic 60 GPM weak acid treatment process complete with MOL preparation facility (ball mill, mixers, tanks) neutralization, thickening, and solids extraction equipment (thickener, agitating tanks, transfer pumps and extraction presses) with solid disposal equipment.

Industry: Aluminum Smelting

Value: $1.3 Million +

Location: Peru


Project: Cogeneration plant process improvements

Scope: Kaolin and gypsum truck loadout, storage, and boiler inject system for six cogernation plants including silos, air slides, feeders, eductors, bin vents, controls, ductwork, piping, electrical, etc.

Industry: Energy & Utilities

Value: $1.4 Million

Location: Hanford, California


Project: Metal fines collection

Scope: Aluminum chip collection system from milling centers. WES-CO designed, fabricated, and installed the equipment.

Industry: High Tech

Value: $250,000

Location: Malaysia

Project: Plastics separation process

Scope: Engineering, Fabrication, Controls

Industry: Plastics Recycling

Value: $2.5 Million

Location: Austria, China, USA


BrAZ (Rusal)

Projct: Modernization feasibility study and EIR

Scope: WES-CO was a primary participant in a study performed by the Technical Services Group, a consortium of aluminum engineers, for the United States Trade Development Administration. This study was performed to investigate innovations in operations, pollution control, and facility upgrades to improve metal making efficiency, product quality and reduce harmful emissions. The study defined a comprehensive and commercially viable solution to the plant that involved changes to technology, equipment, and operating practices that would significantly reduce fluoride emission to levels below the amount prescribed by the World Bank. The recommended modifications were to be applied to the Bratsk smelter’s Vertical Stud Søderberg (VSS) technology and were based upon successful application of the operating practices at a US facility operation by Columbia Aluminum Corporation. This study is the basis for continued opportunities that may exist at VSS facilities such as Bratsk today.

Industry: Aluminim Smelting

Value: $1.2 Million

Location: Russia

ZALK (Rusal)

Project: Dry scrubbing, controls, and pot-room ventilation

Scope: WES-CO provided engineering and design documents as well as procured parts and equipment for electrolytic cell modifications to the Søderberg reduction facilities at Zaporizhia/Zaporozh’ye, Ukraine. Twenty electrolytic cells were modified as a demonstration project to verify the benefits of changes to cell control technology. Subsequently, additional modifications were performed, including reacted alumina dry scrubbing system based upon the findings of the original demonstration project.

Industry: Aluminim Smelting

Value: $750,000

Location: Ukraine

USDOD Naval Contractor

Project: Plastic media blasting facility

Scope: Engineer, Procure, Construction Manage a turn-key Dust Collection system.

Industry: Defense

Value: $500,000

Location: Virginia

Project: Ink oxidation system

Scope: WES-CO designed and installed a thermal oxidation system to burn VOC fumes generated during the printing process on several machines at this facility.

Industry: Paper Printing

Value: $350,000

Location: California