Project References

WES-CO Industries performs Design & Build projects as a General Contractor throughout the Western US and the World. We proudly stand behind our legacy and experience: 

NYSE-listed semiconductor services firmAlumina fines collection, milling lubricant mist & isopropyl abatementSemiconductor services$1.5 million+Silicon Valley, CaliforniaE,P,C
China-based aluminum producerControl systemAluminum Smelting$16 millionPingyao, ChinaE,P
Independent cardboard manufacturerPaper scrap aspiration systemPaper & Cardboard$300,000Oxnard, CaliforniaE,P,C
Recycling start-upGlass separation processGlass Recycling$1 million+California and OregonE,P,C
International heavy industry consultancyWeak acid treatmentAluminum Smelting$1.3 million+PeruE,P
Energy generation operatorCogeneration plant process improvementsEnergy & Utilities$3.5 million+CaliforniaE,P,C
Disk drive media manufacturerMetal fines collectionHigh tech$250,000MalaysiaE,P,C
Global recycling companyPlastics separation processPlastics Recycling$2.5 million+Austria, China, USAE,P,C
Major Russia-based aluminum smelterModernization feasibility study and EIRAluminum Smelting$1.2 million+RussiaE
Major Russia-based aluminum smelterDry scrubbing, controls, and pot-room ventilationAluminum Smelting$750,000UkraineE,P
USDOD Naval ContractorPlastic media blasting facilityDefense$500,000VirginiaE,P
Multinational Printing CompanyInk oxidation systemPaper Printing$350,000CaliforniaE,P,C

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