Industrial Air Filtration Dust Collectors

WES-CO is a reseller of Donaldson® Torit® Systems and is proud to offer a complete line dust collector products and systems to meet every dust, fume and vapor collection application. 

PowerCore Dust Collectors

Torit® PowerCore® dust collection technology is outperforming traditional baghouse collectors and in less space. PowerCore filter packs use Donaldson® Torit’s proprietary Ultra-Web nanofiber filter technology, which allows for a smaller, more efficient filter, reducing the overall footprint of the dust collector.

  • Torit PowerCore CP Series Dust Collectors
  • Torit PowerCore TG Series Dust Collectors

Baghouse Dust Collectors

Baghouse dust collectors have long been the staple of industrial dust collection, providing a full range of solutions for everything from nuisance dust to extremely heavy dust loads along with bin venting and product reclaim solutions.

  • RF Baghouse Dust Collectors
  • Dalamatic Dust Collectors
  • LP Baghouse Dust Collectors
  • Modular Baghouse Dust Collectors
  • Unimaster Dust Collectors
  • IRD Dust Collectors
  • FS Pulse Jet Baghouse Dust Collectors and Bin Vents
  • FT Pulse Jet Baghouse Dust Collectors
  • Cabinet Dust Collectors Series 50-80
  • Cabinet Dust Collectors Series 90
  • Downdraft Bench DB-800

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors come in all shapes and sizes based on the demands of the activity. Housing a variety of filter media to conquer the challenges of most types of industrial dusts, cartridge dust collectors include oval collectors, bin vents, downdraft benches, ductless workstations and more.

  • Torit® Downflo Evolution Dust Collector
  • Downflo Oval Dust Collectors
  • Downflo Workstation
  • Vibra Shake Dust Collector
  • Downdraft Bench
  • Ambient Air Tubesheet
  • Torit® Bin Vent
  • TD Dust Collectors
  • Weld Fume Collectors
  • Trunk Collectors
  • Portable Trunk Collectors
  • Ambient Fume Collection
  • Source Fume Collectors
  • Weld Bench
  • Extraction Arms

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone Dust Collectors are mechanical separators that use centrifugal force to remove large and high-volume dust from industrial process applications. They are an economical solution to a wide range of dust collection problems and are excellent for high dust load, high temperature, and product recovery applications.

  • Seven models of Cyclone Dust Collectors

Mist Collectors

Mist collectors filter mist from the air generated by coolants and oils used during wet machining and metalworking processes. Mist collector systems collect and filter mist, smoke, dust, fumes, vapor and odors from applications such as grinding, wet machining, rubber machining, die casting, wet grinding or soldering.

  • DRYFLO Mist Collectors
  • WSO Mist Collectors
  • Modular MediaFilter Vertical Mist Collectors
  • Modular MediaFilter Horizontal Mist Collectors
  • Mini-Mist Collectors
  • Centrifugal Mist Collectors

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